In-Line Non-Return Valve

The In Line Non-Return Valve are designed to prevent a back flow of water and are used for wash basins, baths, sinks and showers. They measure 11Ž2”. They should be used when there is no other alternative and only if cleaned regularly.

Toilet Bungs

This simple, inflatable device can be used to minimise sewage back-flow through the toilet under flood conditions. Designed as a general purpose pipe stopper, when fitted in a toilet U bend, this product has been proven to reduce the risk of sewage back-flow significantly. The bung is a strong rubber bag, attached to a hose with an Schrader valve on the end and it is supplied with a hand pump.

Flood Alarm

A Flood Alarm is a very useful device to consider. In most cases,
a sensor pod is installed so that when flood-water reaches a certain level, an alarm is sounded to notify the owner of a potential flood. For those away from their properties,
a flood alarm can also be used to notify a designated person by way of a recorded flood warning phone message.

Anti-Flood Airbricks

Anti-Flood Airbricks allow unrestricted airflow underneath the property, but under flood conditions they are automatically shut off by the rising waters. Unlike sand bags and covers, no flood warning or pre flood intervention is required allowing the end user to ‘Fit and Forget’.

Airbrick Covers

Our Airbrick Cover is designed to cover the opening of a 9″x3″ air brick, stopping the ingress of water into the property in the event of a flood. The product can be used with any plastic, clay or concrete airbrick. The benefits of using the air brick cover is that it is the first point of entry for flood waters, so can eliminate the chance of flash flooding. No need for a sandbag pile! It has a permanent mount for any air brick and a removable cover. Easy to fit and store away.

Non Return Valve

The Non-Return Valve is a simple and effective way to eliminate flood risk by back-flow through drainage channels. National Building Regulations require provision to be made to protect a building where surcharge may occur. Suitable for any area of flash flooding. In a wide variety of sizes.

Cost effective backflow protection

Easy and quick to deploy

2 year Warranty applies