Wall Rails & Panel Sealing Screws

The permanently fixed wall rails are available in two forms, either “reveal fix” which means fixing in between the reveals/brickwork of the doorway or “face fix” which means fixing onto the face of the brickwork. Each wall rail comes with a recess to accept a Wall Rail Compression Block (see Wall Rail Compression Blocks) and has a seal on the inner side to form the water tight seal when the AquaShield Door is deployed. The panel sealing screws protrude horizontally through the fixed wall rails and demountable posts to secure the Aluminium panels against the rubber seals on the inside of the rails/posts to prevent any flood water ingress.

Panel Extrusion

Each individual panel is 200mm high x 17mm thick and is supplied with rubber seals to prevent water ingress. As all AquaShield Door barriers are manufactured to order, the Aluminium panel is cut to the required length.

Wall Rail Compression Block

The compression block is inserted into a recess at the top of the fixed wall rails and is used to ensure adequate downward pressure is applied to each end of the barrier.

Ground Strip

A ground strip is used for uneven surfaces which enable the flood barrier to sit perfectly on a flat level platform making it easier to install and watertight. To use a ground strip we need to dig into the ground and place the strip securing it to the outer floor level.